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Sunday, October 27, 2019

CNN Host says American women should wear Islamic veils to show respect and solidarity with Islam and Muslims

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CNN host Alisyn Camerota hopes Americans will wear 'solidarity' headscarves to show respect and solidarity with Islam and Muslims in order to let Muslims feel safe in America.
Camerota was responding to a CNN story about "Islamophobia" sentiment that placed part of the blame at the feet of President Donald Trump.
Women all over Iran are taking off their hijabs, despite the immense risk in doing so, while in the West “feminists” are celebrating the hijab.
The Iranian people are fed up with the strict Sharia laws.
The women in Iran are fighting for their freedom while the United Nations, the media and the feminist organizations in the West turn a blind eye.
In countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia etc. Women have no choice. They are forced to wear a veil or face prison sentences and public lashes.
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