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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Watch: British politician promising more land to the Muslim community "to expand" during a speech at the mosque

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Katie Hopkins is an English media personality, columnist, and businesswoman. She Shared this video (embedded below) with the following description:
"...This is Simon Dudley, Conservative Leader of the Council for Maidenhead & Windsor, UK. Promising British land to muslims at the mosque. They still won’t vote for you Simon. Britain is bent over the bonnet of an Uber. Legs splayed...."
Just look at what happened in London:
Sadiq Khan worked as a human rights lawyer and as a member of the British Parliament before he was elected mayor of London making history as the first Muslim to serve in the position. Khan is also the first Muslim to lead any Western capital city.
More than 1.3m Londoners voted for him - that's almost 57% of those voting - and he quit as Tooting MP straight away to become in his words a "full-time mayor".