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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Christian woman in Pakistan murdered in acid attack after refusing to marry Muslim man

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Christian girls in Pakistan are subjected to deadly acid attacks for being non-Muslims.
A 25-year-old Christian woman, Asma Yaqoob is one of the victims who was attacked for refusing to convert to Islam.
In recent years, Christians in Pakistan have become a heavily persecuted minority, and have fallen victim to multiple Islamist attacks designed to intimidate them and force them out the country, which remains overwhelmingly Muslim.
Just recently Pakistan has been elected to be a member of the UN Human Rights Council.
The UN is a threat to world peace - the corrupt international organization elected countries like China, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Nigeria and Qatar as senior members of the Human Rights Council, countries where child marriage, forced marriage, honor killings, FGM and domestic violence are social norms. Western countries must stop funding the UN!